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Centre d'expertise en analyse environnementale du Québec

Reference Materials

The quality standards that apply to laboratory analysis require that all analytical methods be validated prior to use. Reference materials are among the foremost tools used for validation. To meet requirements, these materials must have appropriate composition (both natural and synthetic matrices), and be stable (known conservation time) and homogeneous (known consistent concentration).

Most laboratories have a unit that prepares control samples for in-house use. Yet, using control samples from outside sources contributes to increased control reliability. Reference materials manufactured by the Centre d’expertise en analyse environnementale du Québec (CEAEQ) may be used as in-house control samples, releasing laboratories from the need to create and maintain their own manufacturing units. The CEAEQ currently delivers most reference materials to clients throughout the world.

Several types of reference materials are offered in natural or artificial matrices, including drinking water, groundwater, (municipal and industrial) wastewater, sewage treatment plant sludge, contaminated soil and hazardous materials (oil and industrial gaseous discharge). The CEAEQ is also able to prepare specific reference materials for a variety of organic, inorganic and microbiologic parameters.

Reference materials are delivered with a certificate guaranteeing that they were prepared under based on the ISO 17034 standard. They are also used in proficiency testing and can be accessed by any laboratory that requests them. Participants are provided with an evaluation report that includes all laboratory results.

The Centre d’expertise en analyse environnementale du Québec guarantees that all reference materials offered in its catalogue meet the listed characteristics. For any additional information, please refer to the French version of this web page.

Online payments

Please click on the following link to access the online payment service: and view the online payment instructions (This document has been developed to translate the instructions into English, in order to help our clients follow the steps required for making credit card payments online).

For further information, please contact:

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