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Centre d'expertise en analyse environnementale du Québec

Accreditation and recognition program registers

Accreditation is the formal recognition of an organization’s competence to perform specific activities. Accreditation is required for carrying out environmental work under the Environment Quality Act (EQA) (section 118.6).

The Ministère’s Centre d’expertise en analyse environnementale du Québec (CEAEQ) manages the following accreditation programs:

The CEAEQ also recognizes experts qualified to provide attestations prescribed by the EQA.

In compliance with EQA requirements (sections 118.5 and 118.5.3), the Ministère makes information about the accredited and recognized entities available in the following registers:

Register of PALA accredited analytical laboratories

This register contains information on laboratories that carry out environmental analyses and provide services:

Register of PAEE accredited sampling firms

This register contains information on firms that conduct environmental sampling, including for fertilizing residual materials. These firms provide services to an external clientele (PDF, 42 KB) and an internal clientele (PDF, 31 KB).

Register of PAEAEVL accredited establishments

This register contains information on establishments that provide analysis services concerning the emission opacity of heavy vehicles (PDF, 97 KB) that run on diesel fuel.

Register of recognized experts

This register contains information on experts qualified to provide the attestations prescribed by the EQA (PDF, 309 KB) on land protection and rehabilitation.   

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